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*Due to the current ambiguity surrounding licensing and working with individuals across state lines, all services across Utah state lines are considered coaching services. I do not offer therapy services outside of state lines.  Coaching clients will be assessed before services begin to see if they are a good fit for coaching due to the fact that coaching services are more limited than traditional therapy.  Coaching differs from therapy in that its focus surrounds personal and relational development and does not treat psychopathology. Clients will be assessed throughout the duration of the coaching services to ascertain suitability.  If at any time I determine that coaching is not a right fit and/or you need therapeutic support, I will help you find a provider in your state of residence to be used in addition to or in replace of meeting with me.  Coaching does not replace meeting with a licensed mental health provider and is not used with the intention of diagnosing or treating a mental health illness.

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